The objective of KHC is to assure the patients / residents, visitors and staff that the food they are consuming reflects the highest standards of kashrus excellence in conjunction with all nutritional requirements.

KHC offers a variety of services that are geared towards ensuring the food preparation operations at health care facilities adhere to high kashrus standards without compromise.

Our time revered halachic guidelines are combined with the cutting edge knowledge of the most updated commercial kitchen facility. We have taken time and much effort in understanding the somewhat complex anatomy of our kitchen facilities and the array of cooking and processing equipment that are found in today’s kitchens. We therefore feel confident that we are Baruch Hashem very capable of understanding and consequently applying the appropriate halachic policy in dealing with each of these facilities in an individualized manner.

In addition to providing kashrus certification, the services offered by KHC include:

  • Introduction to a Kosher Kitchen via Training & In-Servicing Dietary Staff
  • Mashgichim Interaction with Food Service Staff
  • Daily Routine & Important Policies
  • Vegetable Checking
  • Food Delivery Systems
  • Basic Shabbos & Yom Tov Guidelines
  • Smooth Transition to Passover
  • Mashgichim Registry
  • KHC Kashrus Guide for Staff and Mashgichim
  • Knowledgeable in all Nutritional Components
  • KHC Works in Conjunction with State & City Regulations
  • List of participants under the KHC will be issued upon your request.